Whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, injuries to bones, joint, muscles or tendons can spoil your enjoyment of life.

Chartered Physiotherapists are expert in assessing your problems and restoring function.

Our Philosophy - Working Collaboratively with Each Individual

The Blackheath Physiotherapy Practice is a well established organisation that has a long track record of working collaboratively with patients, their carers and all other members of the multidisciplinary care team – including general practitioners, hospital consultants, and other specialist therapists. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of care and treatment for each patient and their family. In addition to physiotherapy we also provide osteopathy and acupuncture on site.

Our experience over many years of treating people with musculo-skeletal and other physical problems has enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of each individual's unique problems. We work collaboratively with each person to develop a treatment plan with realistic goals based on a thorough clinical assessment and regular reviews at each attendance. By working in this way we aim to empower our patients and try to ensure that we match our intervention with individual expectations and each individual's lifestyle and personal goals.

Physiotherapy Clinic in South East London - Blackheath.

We are an approved Physiotherapy provider for all the major Health Insurance companies.

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